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Help for Fear of Flying Using Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy

October 27, 2011

Treating Fear of Flying Using Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy

Fear of flying is a growing problem, that currently affects about 25 Million Americans.

If you have flight anxiety you probably fall into one of three subtypes:
Avoiders: you avoid flying all together and experience intense anxiety at the thought of being on an airplane
“White Knuckle Flyers”,  you  limit airplane travel to an absolute minimum and who fly with intense anxiety
– Mild Anxiety Flyers-you experience anxiety at different parts of the flight experience, usually while boarding, immediately after the doors close and right before take-off


Behavior therapy programs for the treatment of Flight Anxiety using biofeedback and virtual reality therapy have been proven to be the most effective.

The VRBP (Virtual Reality Biofeedback Program ) is based largely on psychological principals of Exposure therapy and Desensitization.  Exposure is delivered through the virtual reality simulator and  relaxation training occurs using state of the art biofeedback. Using biofeedback allows you to develop the proper neurological relaxation response and ensures you are you doing it correctly. The change in your system occurs when  you are  locked into the “relaxation response” using biofeedback while  simultaneously being exposed to the flight situations- this  reprograms the nervous system to associate new emotions with flying and release anxious feelings.

Dr. Jayme Albin is an expert in treating phobias using Virtual Reality, Biofeedback and other exposure methods. For more information or to inquire about scheduling an appointment please contact
212-631-1133 or

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