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How can I manage Panic Attacks using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and prevent Phobias and Anxiety Disorders from Developing

March 18, 2014

How can I manage Panic Attacks using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and prevent Phobias and Anxiety Disorders from Developing.

Can you prevent panic attacks from developing into panic disorder using CBT? According to New York City Psychologist and Anxiety and Phobia expert, Jayme Albin, PhD. the answer is “Yes, you most definitely can prevent panic attacks from developing into a full blown anxiety disorder or a phobia.”

Most people especially woman will experience a few panic attacks in their life time but the main difference between those who eventually develop panic disorder or a phobia is whether or not you start to worry about the symptoms.

Panic attacks are periods of intense anxiety that can be brought on for a number of different reasons. Sometimes they occur spontaneously because of ongoing stress, or because you are worried and anticipate a bad situation. Another reason why you may have a panic attack is because you have taken in a foreign substance such as caffeine or drugs (e.g. Novocain, recreational drugs, or prescribed stimulants).

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Panic Attacks:

  • The symptoms of a panic attack usually peak around 10 minutes and the episode can last any where from 10 minutes to several hours. Common symptoms include heart palpitation, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, numbness and tingly body sensations, tension in the chest region, and agitation.   Common thoughts that come with experiencing panic attacks and can bring on future attacks include: thinking you are going crazy, having a heart attack, or need to escape. Those who normalize the experience and contain these thoughts limit the attacks to times of stress and prevent future attacks.Another common behavior that can exacerbate a panic attack to panic disorder or developing a phobia include escaping the situation you are in when the attack occurs and future avoidance of the situation.  Both of these actions can take a singular episode of a panic attack and evolve it into full blown panic disorder.The major difference between having a panic attack and developing panic disorder is fear of the panic symptoms themselves.  You start to anticipate the discomfort of having the panic attacks so much that you either bring on the symptoms or engage in chronic avoidance. 

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