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10 Tips to Feel and Look Better!

October 11, 2013

10 Tips From Dr. Jayme Albin -“Ask the Cognitive Behavior Therapist”  on living better

Mostly Everyone these  days is looking to live longer, be happier and appear younger and leaner…

Here are 10 simple ideas to help you achieve these goals without too much of a hassle:

1 Buddy up. Research shows that spending social time with colleagues in the office, or with friends and family outside of the working hours can boost your mood and health

hanging out

2. Sleep more.  Get at least 7/8 hours a night ! This can directly impact brain functioning (attention, memory), mood  and your metabolism.  Research  has shown when groups of sleepers vs non -sleepers (less than 6 hours)  were put in the same diet and exercise plan, sleepers lost more weight and were able to maintain the weight loss better.* if you have trouble sleeping see item 3

3. Breath more. Doing daily breathing exercise can not only help you sleep better, and reduce stress but can also improve the functioning of the mitochondria in your cells.  Your mitochondria is the digestive center of each cell and has been associated with forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s.  Breathing exercises have an immediate and long term impact on the nervous system and lowering blood pressure.


2 Simple exercise:
One, For getting to sleep faster: first wash your feet and ankles in a cool water bath then  lie on your right side in bed, gently squeeze your right nostril closed with the thumb on your right hand, take long, deep breaths in though your left nostril (4 sec inhale, 2 sec pause, 6  second exhale, 2 sec pause; repeat 15 min or until you fall asleep).

Second,  For becoming more alert and improving concentration: first stretch your arms above your head and inhale deeply into your lungs, exhale as you bring your arms down by your side, do this 10 times; then sitting in a chair with both feel planted on the floor and not leaning back take the thumb of your left hand and plug up the left nostril, breath slowly and deeply with the right nostril. (6 sec inhale, 2 sec pause, 4 second exhale, 2 sec pause; repeat 15 min or until you feel awake).

4. Spend time with your four-legged friends. Dogs are man’s best friend for reasons that extend past unconditional love and attention.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Research in the field of disease prevention and recovery clearly shows being around a 4 legged buddy can vastly boost immune responses, help with lowering blood pressure and reduce the impact physical stress has on the body.




5. Exercise – this one is not a new revelation but an important reminder.  Don’t just run or lift weights add flexibility exercises such as  stretching for 15 min after a vigorous workout  and an hour or 2 of yoga to your weekly routine.  This will help your joints stay flexible and prevent injuries.exercise

6. Smile more -smile therapy is a real thing that has shown to be effective on depressed people in boosting their mood.  It will also train your facial muscles to look more pleasant and attractive.

7.  Appreciate your self and  others-

A. Try making a list of the most important people in your life and why they are important to you. Then tell them why they are important to and what makes them special.

B. Make an asset list of your best personal characteristics. Leave off the material assets  because in the end they are not what create happiness but the hard work that helped you achieve those goodies are what matter.



8. Do puzzles and brain games: Logic and words games like  Sudoku, scramble and crossword puzzles  can help your brain maintain efficient functioning. There’s even an entire web site called that is based on neurological research to enhance and maintain brain functioning.

9 Help a stranger – social research shows helping others has a tremendous impact on your mood and can even create a hormonal domino effect which helps bodily functioning.

10. Detox and exfoliate- your liver and lymph nodes needs time to alkaline and become less acidic. Skip coffee, alcohol, chocolate , sugar substitutes, diet and regular sodas and processed meals  for a week. Try eating mostly  fruits and green vegetables or juices (organic ) and loads of water; hit the steam room and take an Epsom  salt bath to help your body release toxins. Try dry brushing your skin to help remove excess skin cells that need shedding (always use a special brush or sponge on your face since facial skin is more delicate than the skin on other body parts.

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