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10 behaviors to AVOID to Stop the Re-Gaining of Weight

November 5, 2013

Here are 10 behavior tips to AVOID DOING to help keep your weight consistent especially if you just lost weight: 

1. Over buying food.  Buying in bulk is a dangerous behavior.  If you are forced to ration what you have in the fridge you are more likely to focus on what and when you eat something.fitandfat

2. Buying too many different items of variety. When you have a ton of different snacks in your office or home you are likely to want to try a little bit of everything, its similar to when you are at a buffet. DON’T CREATE A BUFFET AT HOME!

3. Failing to creating meal plans even a 5 min ahead. The smart thing to do before you eat ANY MEAL at home or in a restaurant is to decide how many calories or parts of protein, fat and carbs. you should be eating during this meal while reflecting on your overall day. When you decide in advance you are less likely to keep eating until the food is gone, less likely to try to keep up with others and less likely to  eat  until you feel full (which takes an addition 20 min after eating).

4. Eating too fast.  This goes along with item 3. Eat slower and you will not over eat!

5. Paying attention to the scale not the steps walked..this means focus on what you can do to control weight not obsess about the idea of gaining weight.

6. Thinking competitively rather than about your self. If you are busy focusing on how unfair it is that “the skinny girl” can eat without every seeming to gaining weight you are focusing on the wrong person. Each persons metabolism is different. So pay attention to your own metabolism!

7. Eating off others plate. This leads to Discounting calories (ignoring what you are putting in your body) This includes eating your spouses french fries or your kids snacks

8. Not recording on paper /digitally what you ate.  People who are financially responsible keep books records of what they earn and spend -this technique  helps to maintain strong awareness and accountability

9. Announcing to others regularly that you are fat or once again diet- instead stay your course and make specific statements “I’m going to eat Salmon tonight” or “I am trying to lose 5lbs”

10.Recreation eating- Don’t eat while playing games, doing  puzzles or watching tv or movies. You are not being mindful about the food you are consuming

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